Building industry innovators are moving quickly beyond the standard practices on energy efficiency. Are you keeping up  — or stuck in outdated practices? Attend the Beyond Energy Efficiency Conference to take your offerings to the next level.

Join Build It Green as we bring together leading industry experts with hundreds of every-day building and home professionals. Cutting-edge workshops will deliver practical knowledge that can be incorporated into your business  immediately. We’ll explore the key topics that are redefining “green”:


– Policy & Code Updates
– ZNE/High Performing Homes
– Health & Indoor Air Quality
– Advanced Water Conservation

– Design & Materials
– Low-Carbon Homes/Electrification
– Utility Rebate Programs
– Marketing & Selling

  • Architects and Residential Builders
  • Multifamily Developers
  • Remodeling Contractors
  • Property Owners
  • Government and Utility Staff
  • Academics
  • Manufacturers and Retailers
  • Raters/Energy Consultants
  • Nonprofit Staff
  • Policy & Code Updates
  • High Performing Homes
  • Healthy & Indoor Air Quality
  • Design & Materials
  • ZNE Electricification
  • Utility Rebate Programs
  • Marketing & Selling
  • Advanced Water Conservation