Beyond Energy Efficiency Conference - Tracks and Workshops

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    Policy & Code Updates

  • The Future of Building Energy Efficiency Standards (AM)
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      This workshop will be presented in two parts, with the California Energy Commission presenting an overview of how ZNE will be looked at and achieved with the 2019 code using an EDR calculator (including great information about how and why we got here). Energy Code Ace will follow up with a discussion on how we (everyone from designers and manufacturers, to building departments and beyond) can support the energy code and try to make sense of it, through tools, training, and available resources.

    • Speaker Info:

      gina roddaGina Rodda, Principal, Gabel Energy

      Rodda has been in the energy modeling field since 1991, and has instructed several dozen full day IOUs Codes and Standards trainings on the Residential and Nonresidential Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards for building department staff, energy consultants, architects, contractors and design engineers. She is Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) through CABEC, and a LEED AP specializing in nonresidential energy modeling for Title 24 Part 6 and LEED.

      mazi shirakhMazi Shirakh, Senior Engineer/Technical Lead for ZNE/Building Energy Efficiency Standards, California Energy Commission

      Mazi is currently the ZNE lead for the upcoming 2019 cycle of the Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES), also known as Title 24, Part 6 and 11. He was also the project manager for the 2005, 2008, 2013, and 2016 cycles of the Standards, working with PG&E, Edison, SDG&E, SMUD, LADWP, and a large team of consultants to ensure that the building envelope, mechanical, hot water, and lighting systems will become as efficient as possible to make the ZNE goal a reality. Mazi holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from CSU Sacramento.

      danny tamDanny Tam, Mechanical Engineer, California Energy Commission

      Danny is currently the CEC Water Heating lead, as well as the ZNE backup to Mazi Shirakh for the upcoming 2019 cycle of the Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES). Danny has been part of the CEC team for over eight years, and participated in the 2013 and 2016 cycle of the Standards. He’s contributed to numerous CEC standards, publications, and manuals, in addition to program and project management. Danny holds an Associate’s Degree in HR Management from the Community College of the Air Force, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science from UC Davis.

  • Local CA Code and Challenges (PM)
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      Keeping up with the ever-changing regulations, best practices, and ongoing innovations in energy efficiency can be quite a challenge. In this workshop, we will discuss local code and challenges faced by today’s building industry professionals, and what solutions can be implemented to overcome them

    • Speaker Info:

      barry hooperBarry Hooper, Green Building Specialist, SF Dept. of the Environment

      Hooper leads development of the SF Green Building Code, including the city’s requirements that new buildings achieve GreenPoint Rated or LEED standards, and solar PV or green roofs. He also manages the Existing Commercial Buildings Energy ordinance, which requires annual benchmarking of energy performance and an action plan for cost-effective energy efficiency improvement. He is a Technical Advisor to the Bay Area Regional Energy Network Codes & Standards program, an active member of the C40 Cities Private Sector Energy Efficiency Network, US DOE State and Local Energy Action Network (SEE-Action), and represents local governments on CA’s statewide Energy Data Access Committee. Hooper holds master’s degrees in Environmental Science and Management, as well as Geography, from UC Santa Barbara.

      daniel hamiltonDaniel Hamilton, Sustainability Manager, City of Oakland

      Daniel Hamilton serves as the Sustainability Manager for the City of Oakland, California. Mr. Hamilton has 20 years of experience in managing sustainability programs, policies, and plans for local governments and utilities. He has led multiple award winning projects and plans across California, and has taught professional and university courses in energy management, sustainable policy development, and green building design and construction. He holds a BA in Architecture and an MA in Sustainable Planning, both from the University of Kansas.

      amy drydenCo-Speaker Amy Dryden, Director, Policy and Technical Innovation, Build It Green

      Dryden has over 18 years of industry leadership experience developing policy, programs and standards, and has a working knowledge of all trades and phases of construction in new construction, multifamily units, and remodel projects, specializing in green and low-carbon building. She has been instrumental in the development of many of Build It Green’s programs, including the GreenPoint Rated Existing Home Single Family, Existing Home Multifamily, LA Multifamily Existing Building Pilot, PG&E Multifamily EUC, and Southern California Multifamily Existing Building programs, and also leads the organization’s multifamily net zero energy and net zero energy block projects. Dryden holds a Masters in City Planning and a Masters in Landscape Architecture/ Environmental Planning from UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design.

    High Performing Homes

  • From Envelope to Occupancy: Zero Energy, Step by Step (AM)
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      We think zero energy is achieved at the meter, not the spreadsheet. Join us to discover the most effective process for achieving zero energy projects: Visioning and Goal-Setting, Education, Basis of Design, Analysis and Iteration, Implementation, and Feedback. This workshop’s technical presentations, case studies, and interactive breakout sessions will help participants learn how to practically apply this knowledge to their projects.

    • Speaker Info:

      katy hollbacherKaty Hollbacher, P.E., Principal & Founder, Beyond Efficiency

      With over 18 years of industry experience, Hollbacher specializes in high-performance envelope, building durability, and mechanical systems consulting and is a nationally sought-after expert in the Passive House and greater green building communities for consulting, training and speaking engagements. She holds a MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan.

      jennifer loveJennifer Love, Sustainability Engineer, Beyond Efficiency

      Love holds a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Clemson University and has technical expertise in many facets of green building, from storm water management and rainwater harvesting, to indoor air quality and materials. She is especially passionate about water conservation and has also completed numerous Passive House training courses.

      dan johnsonDan Johnson, Sustainability Architect, Beyond Efficiency

      Johnson specializes in low-energy HVAC, building energy modeling, and daylighting design and analyses. He enjoys creative problem solving and using his broad skillset to bridge gaps between architects, engineers, owners, and contractors. Love holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Washington.

      coming soonSteve Buttitta, Owner, NorCal Green Building Consulting

      Buttitta has 20 years of varied building industry experience, including fieldwork, working with architectural and engineering firms, managing an energy efficiency program, and developing his own residential design firm, where he’s designed a multitude of custom homes and additions, incorporating green building and building performance testing and assessments. He has led numerous training courses, including a BPI Quality Control Inspector certification preparatory course and training for the California Department of Community Services and Development. Buttitta holds a BS in Construction Management from California State University Chico.

    Mastering Retrofit Air Sealing (PM)
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      This workshop will focus on the alliance and interdependence of Air Sealing and Zero Net Energy buildings. Workshop attendees will be shown an array of air sealing strategies using no, to low VOC air sealing practices that can apply to retrofit work as well as new construction.

    • Speaker Info:

      terry nordbyeTerry Nordbye, Owner, Air Sealing Solutions

      Nordbye has been a general building contractor for 40 years, specializing in retrofit, extreme air sealing, and using no- to low-VOC materials. In 2010, he built California’s first new Passive House for the affordable housing association, Community Land Trust Association. Nordbye now consults with architects, designers, contractors, and builders on how to achieve high performance buildings with Zero Net Energy targets, and is on the Marin County Architectural Commission. He has written articles for the Home Energy Magazine and Journal of Light Construction, presented at ACI, HPC, Passive House, and JLC conferences in the North West, and conducts classes for PG&E.

    A Prototype Production Passive House (PM)
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      Passive House has proven consistently popular with occupants, delivering superior comfort, durability and indoor air quality to conventional construction, yet availability is limited in terms of costs and locality due to the lack of industry specialists. This workshop will detail a plan to deliver Passive House at market rate, and to enable widespread participation by the existing building industry.

    • Speaker Info:

      graham irwinGraham Irwin, AIA, Principal, Essential Habitat Architecture

      Irwin has led numerous single-family, multi-family and commercial Passive House projects throughout California and the US, including the first certified Passive House in California, the first certified Passive House retrofit in the US, and the first certified multi-family Passive House in the US. Irvin holds a degree in physics, with additional studies in engineering and architecture, and an extensive background in software development. He is a licensed architect and licensed general contractor in the state of California.

      spencer dobrovolnySpencer Dobrovolny, Licensed General (B) Contractor

      A self-described “building addict,” Dobrovolny has been working in the construction industry since 2001. A native of Champaign, IL, he worked on some of the first Passive House projects in the US with the Passive House Institute, US. In addition to extensive remodel and new construction experience with clients, he has managed 15 spec construction projects, both bank-financed and with investors. Dobrovolny holds a degree in finance, with additional studies in Spanish, and is a licensed general contractor based in Marin County.

    Health & Indoor Air Quality

  • The Heat is On: Future Proofing Building for Climate Change (AM)
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      In this workshop, we’ll dive into the risks buildings face due to climate change, ranging from health and comfort issues, to energy and liability obstacles. Information will be presented on current guidelines and emerging issues surrounding climate action, as well as examples of climate-adapted buildings and communities.

    • Speaker Info:

      thomas j phillipsThomas J. Phillips, Principal, Healthy Building Research

      Phillips has spent over 35 years working at the intersection of research and policy addressing public health, pollution, and buildings. He has served as a technical advisor to national, state, and local agencies, NGOs, and private firms on various IEQ issues, climate change adaptation and resilience, and green building programs for homes, schools, and offices. Phillips co-authored a report on IEQ research needs for net zero energy buildings and retrofits in California, and articles on climate adaptation, passive survivability, and IEQ, and a white paper on methods to reduce pollutant intrusion inbuildings and on low cost pollutant sensor methods.

      cynthia comerfordCynthia Comerford, Manager of Policy and Planning, San Francisco Department of Public Health

      Comerford’s efforts focus on creating healthy and equitable cities, and she has extensive experience in public health, climate change, community design, transportation, healthy housing, human trafficking, and emergency planning. Her efforts led the SF Department of Public Health to be incorporated into the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit and the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference by the Obama Administration, and to win the National Institute of Health’s Climate Change and Environmental Exposures Challenge. Comerford holds a MS in Environmental Policy and Resource Management, BS in Political Science/Economics, and is an alumnus of the Presidio Institute Fellows Program.

      marco arnesanoMarco Arnesano, Researcher, Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy)

      Arnesano has 7 years of experience in the development of innovative systems and sensors for indoor environments monitoring and building management. His research interests include Energy Efficiency, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, sensors, signal processing, simulation modelling and software development, and is mainly performed within EU FP7 and H2020 projects.

    Environmental Testing Strategies (PM)
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      This workshop will outline the benefits of environmental testing during and after construction, including the process and best practices of air-leakage testing and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing during and after construction. Attendees will be presented with photos and case studies highlighting beneficial outcomes from testing.

    • Speaker Info:

      alex stadtnerAlex Stadtner, President & Founder, Healthy Building Science, Inc.

      Stadtner is president and founder of Healthy Building Science, Inc., an environmental consulting and industrial hygiene company based in the Bay Area. He has worked with green building consulting pioneers at the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems in Austin, as well as at a Portland-based company specializing in third-party building rating systems (especially LEED). Stadtner holds a BS in Environmental Science & Environmental Policy, and a MS in Resource Management & Administration from Antioch University, in addition to completing numerous environmental inspection courses.

      bill haywardCo-Speaker: Bill Hayward, Founder, Hayward Score; CEO/CSO, Hayward Lumber; CIO, H3

      Since 2008, when his family became sick in their “dream home,” Bill has been focused on combining building and medical science into a compelling strategy to transform home construction, so that homes will no longer degrade human health. His work in driving sustainability has earned him the title of “Entrepreneur of the Year” (LMB Journal, 2015), as well as one of the “20 Most Influential Leaders in the Industry”and “Dealer of the Year.” On the nonprofit side, Bill is currently Chairman Emeritus of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), where he previously served as Chairman for 5 years. He received his BS from UCLA, and graduated from the Stanford Executive Program.

    Advanced Water Conservation

  • Unintended Consequences of Increasing Water Use Efficiency (AM)
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      We have been in the process of reducing flow rates, fill volumes, and flush volumes of water using fixtures and appliances for many years. The purpose of this session is to explore the potential unintended consequences to the water and wastewater distribution systems, as water use continues to be reduced. We will consider the implications to both the in-building and municipal systems, and discuss best practices to mitigate issues faced.

    • Speaker Info:

      gary kleinGary Klein, President, Gary Klein & Associates, Inc.

      Klein has been intimately involved in energy efficiency and renewable energy since 1974, and has a passion for hot water: getting into it, getting out of it, and efficiently delivering it to meet customer's needs. After serving 19 years with the California Energy Commission, he has provided consulting on sustainability since 2008, with an emphasis on the water-energy-carbon connection. Klein received a BA from Cornell University, majoring in Technology and Society, with an emphasis on energy conservation and renewable energy. He was recognized by the International Association of Plumber and Mechanical Officials as the 2014 Green Professional of the Year, and was awarded the Department of Energy’s 2015 Jeffrey A. Johnson Award for Excellence in in the Advancement of Building Energy Codes.

      jim lutzCo-Speaker: Jim Lutz, Hot Water Efficiency Researcher

      Jim Lutz, Hot Water Efficiency Researcher Lutz is an independent researcher whose work focuses on improving the efficiency of residential domestic hot water systems, including water heaters and distribution systems. He is active in ASHRAE, and is currently serving as chair of the Standards Project Committee 118.2, Method of Testing for Rating Residential Water Heaters. Lutz is a registered professional engineer and licensed general contractor in California. He holds a BS in Engineering Science from Cal Poly, and a BA in Sociology from Stanford University.

      john russelJohn Russell, Founder & CEO, WaterSprout, Inc.

      For 12 years, John has been a pioneer in the field of alternative water-uses systems, permitting many of the first alternative water systems in cities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He founded the design/build firm, WaterSprout, and its efforts specializing in greywater, rainwater, and water-use monitoring systems. John holds a BS in Ecology from UC Davis, and a Masters in Ecological Design from the SF Institute of Architecture.

    Design & Materials

  • The World's Healthiest Home (PM)
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      How would you respond if someone asked you to build the healthiest home in the world? What would you design and build, and what products would you use? Learn what approaches work and what to avoid through real-world examples. This workshop will detail best practices in building a healthy home, including products, indoor air quality, wiring, fire concerns, water recycling systems, and more.

    • Speaker Info:

      michael mccutcheonMichael McCutcheon, Owner, McCutcheon Construction, Inc. and Construction Consultant

      A multi-generation veteran of the building trades on both sides of his family, Michael formed McCutcheon Construction in 1980 and rapidly rose to the top of the residential building and remodeling industry, garnering numerous awards and publication coverage. In 2003, McCutcheon’s personal and professional commitment to sustainable building practices led him to help found Build It Green, and in 2013, a McCutcheon Construction remodeling project received an award for creating the first LEED Platinum home in Piedmont, California. He is an alumnus of U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Biology and a teaching credential.

    Buildings and the Time Value of Carbon (PM)
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      This workshop will explore the emerging focus on total project carbon and the importance of reducing embodied carbon for new buildings and operational carbon for existing buildings. The current gold standard for reducing emissions in the built environment is to build new, zero net energy (ZNE) buildings. This is a critical strategy for getting to zero emissions, but there is a problem with it: Building them will generate a lot of emissions. Two other sources of emissions need to be addressed as well:

      • Embodied emissions from building materials, products and construction processes
      • Operating emissions from the buildings we already have.

      Learn why, over the next 20 years, embodied emissions from new buildings will outweigh the operating emissions from those buildings; so while new buildings need be ZNE, reducing embodied emissions may be even more important.

    • Speaker Info:

      larry strainLarry Strain, FAIA, LEED AP Siegel & Strain Architects

      Larry has a 40+ year background in sustainable design. He studied ecological systems at the Evergreen State College and the Farallones Institute in the 1970s, and wrote a Guideline Specification for Green Materials, which became part of Building Green’s GreenSpec Directory. He has spoken on materials and sustainability at conferences throughout the country, is a past board member of the Northern California Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, and currently serves on the boards of the Ecological Building Network and the Carbon Leadership Forum. For the past 7 years Larry has focused on ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings.

    Low Carbon Homes

  • Tackling the Ghost in Your Heating Closet: Why and How to Decarbonize Heating Energy in California Homes (AM)
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      As we head toward ZNE, gas-fired space and water heating is becoming the largest source of energy-related emissions in buildings. This session will lay out the case for, obstacles to, and solutions for, the decarbonization of heating energy in California homes.

    • Speaker Info:

      coming soonPierre Delforge, Director of High Tech Sector Efficiency, Natural Resources Defense Council

      Delforge joined NRDC in 2010 after a 20-year career in the tech industry. At NRDC, he works on policy to accelerate the deep decarbonization of buildings necessary to achieve long-term climate goals. He focuses on energy efficiency in the equipment used within buildings, from electronics to space and water heating systems. Delforge received a diploma in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, and a Masters of Engineering, Information Technology from the Ecole Centrale Paris.

    Central Heat Pump Water Heaters, Lessons Learned (AM)
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      The Low-Income Weatherization (LIWP) program aims to reduce GHG emissions in low income buildings, greatly incentivizing decarbonization and electrification efforts. Heat Pump Water Heating has been a natural ally in the effort to decarbonize California, and is the last step in mainstream building electrification. This session will focus on a sample of large multifamily properties that have replaced central gas water heating plants with central heat pump water heating plants, and will provide an overview of obstacles faced and lessons learned.

    • Speaker Info:

      nick dirrNick Dirr, Director of Technical Services, Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.

      Dirr specializes in conducting energy audits and energy analysis of multifamily buildings, developing energy efficiency retrofit specifications, training industry stakeholders, and designing, managing, and implementing efficiency programs. He is experienced working with a wide range of clients including building owners, utilities, federal and state agencies, program managers, property managers, building operators, engineers, developers, and architects. Dirr holds a BS in Environmental Science from Ohio University, and a MS in Energy Management and Systems Technology from the University of Otago.

      andy macnamaraAndy McNamara, Vice President, Western Region, Bright Power

      Andrew McNamara joined Bright Power in 2006 and is currently Vice President, Western Region. Previously, Andrew led the firm’s sustainability, solar, and engineering divisions. He has worked on dozens of projects from coast-to-coast. One of the projects he is most proud of is Via Verde -- a groundbreaking 220 unit complex in the South Bronx that was recognized by the Urban Land Institute as a Global Project of the Decade for 2013 (another collaboration with AEA!). Andrew has dual degree in Physics and Engineering from the University of Rochester. Andrew is a Certified Energy Auditor, Certified Energy Manager, and LEED AP.

    Low Rise Multifamily Case Studies: A Shotgun Approach to Net Zero-ish (PM)
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      This session will focus on low-rise multifamily projects that are successfully leveraging the Low-Income Weatherization (LIWP) program to electrify their projects, and installing solar PV systems that offset both owner and resident energy consumption. The presentation will discuss a prescriptive approach to pursuing net zero in this typical housing stock, and will highlight the successes and challenges faced.

    • Speaker Info:

      stephen gribble Stephen Gribble, Energy Analyst, Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.

      Gribble specializes in energy analysis and modeling of multifamily buildings, developing energy efficiency retrofit specifications, diagnosing building performance issues, and working with multiple parties to manage successful building performance retrofits. He has extensive experience working with building owners, engineers, contractors, and operators to improve building performance. Gribble holds a BA in Communications, Managerial Economics, and Environmental Science and Policy from UC Davis.

      john nealJohn Neal, Senior Project Manager, Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.

      Neal specializes in working with multiple parties to manage and deliver successful building performance retrofits. He conducts energy audits, provides green building consulting and rating services, uses simulation software and outside engineering calculat ions to model building performance, diagnoses and resolves building performance issues, develops retrofit specifications, commissions equipment and systems, and performs quality control and assurance for multifamily and commercial retrofit projects. Neal holds a BA in English Language and Literature from Cal Poly.

    Electrification in Multi-Family Homes (PM)
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      This workshop will illustrate how all-electric buildings cost less to build, cost less to retrofit, and can cost less to operate than with even the highest performance gas equipment. Affordable housing developers have innovated with all-electric buildings out of budgetary necessity--come learn what developers have discovered through their case studies.

    • Speaker Info:

      coming soonSpeaker: Sean Armstrong, Redwood Energy

      Armstrong is the founding Principle of Redwood Energy, a Zero Net Energy residential design firm. Redwood Energy has designed more than a thousand newly constructed all-electric, 100% solar powered houses and apartments for low-income families and seniors in California, and nearly 5000 solar retrofitted apartments. Additionally more than a thousand of their apartments have removed and replaced gas appliances with electric equivalents, saving on both construction costs and long-term utility bills.

    Utility Rebate Programs

  • Home Upgrade – Today and Tomorrow (AM)
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      Join this session for key program updates and field install tips to succeed with PG&E’s Home Upgrade rebate program. Then glimpse the future of incentive programs: a “Pay for Performance” approach coming to PG&E, in which incentives are paid for actual energy saved via smart meters, and project performance can be tracked over time using the CalTRACK data analytics system.

    • Speaker Info:

      jake tisingerJake Tisinger, Senior Project Manager, Build It Green

      Tisinger oversees implementation of the Home Upgrade Program in the PG&E territory, collaborating with contractors, utilities, and industry experts, and working to drive greater energy efficiency savings for participating Home Upgrade customers. He brings seven years of leadership experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy program management, including roles as a rebate program implementer, energy analyst, and project manager. Tisinger holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University. In addition, he is an AmeriCorps alumni, Certified Green Building Professional, and a BPI Building Analyst.

      leif magnusonLeif Magnuson, Expert Program Manager, Pacific Gas & Electric

      Leif is an Expert Program Manager in the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Management office at PG&E where he manages the Residential Pay for Performance program. Prior to working at PG&E, Leif worked for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in San Francisco managing ENERGY STAR programs. Leif holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Stanford University.

      andy wahlField Install Tips: Andy Wahl, Principal, AC Home Performance, Inc.

      Andy Wahl has been involved in the Building Science field since 1980, completing more than 7,500 energy analyses, as well as providing technical support and training for energy auditing staff, and consulting on software programs for utility companies. With a passion for energy efficiency and safety, he promotes building science everywhere he goes, and has retrofitted his own home to Zero Net Energy. Wahl studied Renewable Energy, Appropriate Technology and Energy Efficiency at the Jordan Energy Institute, and his certifications include RCS Auditor, HERS, BPI Proctor, and Super Proctor.

    Show Me the Money: Financing Energy Efficiency (AM)
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    • Speaker Info:

      jeffrey liangJeffery Liang, Project Manager for the Distributed Energy Resources, Advisory Services, Center for Sustainable Energy

      Liang has been involved in Green Building and Energy Efficiency for over a decade. He’s helped implement Green Building policies, demonstrations and professional trainings, in addition to serving as liaison to the contractor and building professional community on the nascent Energy Upgrade Program for San Mateo County. Liang has also helped launch numerous programs, including the statewide Energy Upgrade California program and the California FIRST PACE program. He holds a BA in Environmental Studies from Washington University.

    ACQC Program Updates (AM)
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      The ACQC Program incentivizes contractors to connect with home owners, providing simple measures to help save energy and money at minimal or no cost to the home owner. The program reduces summer time peak demand loads during the cooling season, and increases profit margins for those HVAC businesses. This session will examine the current state of the program and discuss the opportunities available to get involved in the energy efficiency game.

    • Speaker Info:

      melina coronaMelina Corona, Senior Project Manager, Program Delivery, Build It Green

      Corona oversees Build It Green’s PG&E AC Quality Care Rebate Program, helping contractors incorporate energy efficiency practices into their businesses, and consumers upgrade their homes to save energy and money. She is passionate about sustainability and exploring the relationship between people and the natural environment. Corona holds a degree in Environmental Science from UC Berkeley, and is a Certified Green Building Professional and a BPI Building Analyst.

    Air Conditioning Quality Care: Best Practices & Business Opportunities (AM)
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      This workshop goes beyond the everyday practices of Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E) AC Quality Care (ACQC) Program. It will address how participating contractors can shape their businesses to achieve increased volume of work for themselves, and higher energy savings for their customers. Ryan Connally, Professor of construction technology and a green building professional, will walk through business opportunities and elaborate on how ACQC is a first step in this journey. Attendees will also learn about trends in residential energy efficiency, opportunities for businesses, and PG&E’s outlook for the ACQC Program.

    • Speaker Info:

      ryan connallyRyan Connally, Lead Faculty, Construction Technology Program, Cosumnes River College

      Connally has been working in the residential construction industry since 1989, and has developed industry recognized training programs for the construction industry, as well as the home performance industry. He is Department Chair for Construction, Architecture and Building Inspection at Cosumnes River College, and is the BPI Test Center Director and Lead Proctor for the college’s Building Performance Institute Test Center. Since 2005, in conjunction with the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, Ryan and his students have contributed greatly to the construction of over 27 homes, including 12 LEED certified homes, and have provided energy auditing, diagnostic testing, and retrofit work on many of their remodels. Connally is also one of the field verifiers on Build It Green’s Field Quality Assurance team, as well as an OSHA Outreach Trainer.

    Market & Selling

  • Healthy Homes & Home Performance (PM)
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      Healthy homes and indoor air quality are widely viewed as one of the key emerging drivers for whole house home performance retrofits. Yet, with all the progress that has been made on diagnostics and penetrating the healthcare arena, there hasn't been much discussion about the business model around healthy homes. In this workshop, we'll get to the heart of the matter: how do HP contractors identify, market, sell and deliver profitable jobs that solve IAQ issues.

    • Speaker Info:

      peter troastPeter Troast, Founder & CEO, Energy Circle

      As a passionate advocate for the home performance industry, Troast drives innovation for Energy Circle’s solutions built exclusively for companies in the home performance, HVAC, insulation, energy auditing and low energy building sector. He develops content for home performance professionals nationally and is a frequent presenter at national conferences on topics of energy efficiency marketing and communication, use of social media and energy monitoring. He is committed to pro bono work for the industry and currently serves as chair of the Marketing Committee for the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) Building Energy '15 Conference as well as various committees of Efficiency First. Troast holds a BS in Economics, Natural Resources from UC Berkeley.

    Stop Rating, Start Selling (PM)
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      This workshop will bring together energy auditors, assessors and contractors to better understand the benefits, costs, and best practices of the energy audit process. We will focus on how to best identify energy failures, and how energy auditors and contractors can best work together to meet their clients’ needs.

    • Speaker Info:

      aaron husakAaron Husak, Building Scientist/Attic Explorer, Lee’s Air

      Husak is passionate about helping people improve the comfort, health and efficiency of their building (home or office) through education on energy conservation and efficiency. He started out in the solar electric industry, and from there launched 2 businesses focused on diagnostically assessing homes, and has traveled throughout California training students of all backgrounds on building science and Building Performance Institute (BPI) standards. Husak holds a BS in Business Finance from California State University, Long Beach.

    Zero Net Energy Homes

  • ZNE New Homes: Industry Standard vs. New Affordable Approaches (PM)
      Download PDF

      By now the basic ingredients of zero-energy homes are well established: a good thermal enclosure, efficient systems, and — of course — a renewable energy system (usually photovoltaics). Unfortunately, what is also well established is the mistaken belief that achieving zero net energy is a costly, or even risky, undertaking. This workshop will expose the industry standards that fuel this misconception, and offer solutions that are neither risky nor expensive. What they do demand of project teams is the willingness to revisit the question of "good design," and a refusal to accept status-quo mediocrity. 

    • Speaker Info:

      rick chitwoodRick Chitwood, BSME, Founder & Principal, Chitwood Energy Management

      Chitwood is an expert in energy-efficient residential building construction, diagnostic testing, and performance evaluation. A leader in the building science-based house-as-a-system approach to green home energy design and retrofits, Chitwood has authored numerous articles and guides on energy efficiency, has played a large role in shaping California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards, and was recently inducted into the Building Performance Industry Hall of Fame.

      ann edminsterCo-Speaker: Ann Edminster, M.Arch., Instructor, Sustainable Building Advisor Program

      A widely-recognized expert on sustainable residential construction and zero net energy, and author of the award-winning guide to designing and building zero-energy homes, “Energy Free: Homes for a Small Planet,” Edminster is a principal developer of LEED for Homes. She consults on zero-energy initiatives throughout North America, served as a 2015 US DOE Solar Decathlon juror, and is a board member and the project director for the Net Zero Energy Coalition. Edminster holds a BS in Architecture from Cal Poly, and a M.Arch. in Architecture/Green Building from UC Berkeley.

    Keynote & Builder Panel Roundtable (All Tracks)

  • Keynote (AM)
    • Speaker Info:

      andrew mcallisterCommissioner Andrew McAllister, California Energy Commission

      Commissioner McAllister was appointed to the California Energy Commission by Gov. Edmund G. Brown in May 2012, and reappointed in January 2017. He has been working on clean energy deployment and policy for his entire 25-year career: beginning in the early 1990s in project engineering and development, evolving into program design and implementation, then moving into the policy arena. He’s worked across the world to develop renewable energy generation, energy efficiency investments, and energy management systems, with counterparts ranging from tiny remote communities to the largest of utilities. Commissioner McAllister holds MS and PhD degrees from the Energy & Resources Group at UC Berkeley, and he is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

    Builder Panel Roundtable (PM)
      Download PDF
    • Moderator:

      bruce mastBruce Mast, Deputy Executive Director, Build It Green

      With more than 24 years of experience in the green building and energy efficiency industries, Mast is a nationally recognized thought leader on residential green building. His efforts include working to “green” the real estate MLS and accelerate homebuyer demand for healthy and efficient homes, and designing and launching the GreenPoint Rated certification system and PG&E’s Home Upgrade rebate program. Mast has authored and published numerous reports and studies on market transformation, energy efficiency best practices, and incentive program evaluation. He holds a BA in Physics from Rice University.


      dan johnsonBrandon De Young, Executive Vice President, De Young Properties and President, De Young Mortgage

      De Young represents the third generation of his family in the homebuilding business, established by his parents, Jerry and Paula De Young, in 1974. He has been a critical factor in the growth and evolution of the firm, as not only a leader in quality craftsmanship and innovation, but also in building environmentally-friendly homes that are both energy-efficient and high-tech, utilizing some of the most advanced building science and technology. De Young received a BA in Business Administration and MS in Real Estate from the University of San Diego. Additionally, he holds a California Real Estate Broker’s license, is a Mortgage Loan Originator, a National Center for Healthy Housing Lead Certified Renovator, and is Building Performance Institute Certified.

      bryan doveBryan Dove, Director of Asset Management, Mutual Housing California

      As the manager of the overall performance of Mutual Housing California’s affordable housing portfolio, Dove plans for future physical improvements, sustains investor and lender relationships, evaluates refinancing opportunities, and directs sustainability initiatives. Prior to joining Mutual Housing, he was an asset manager and housing developer with nonprofit affordable housing agencies throughout California and Massachusetts. He has received the CHAM designation from the Consortium of Housing and Asset Management, and holds a MS in Urban Design and Planning with a specialization in Real Estate Development from the University of Washington, and a BS in Environmental Analysis and Design from UC Irvine.

      ann edminster Scott O’Hara, Owner & Founder, Scott O’Hara Construction, Inc.

      Scott O’Hara, Net Zero and Net Zero-ready home builder, has been building and retrofitting homes in the East Bay Area for the last 20 years. Prior to launching Scott O’Hara Construction, he was a local renovation contractor and general contractor, and co-founded Eco Performance Builders, an award-winning building performance company, with his brother Keith. O’Hara earned a BA in business with a concentration in real estate and land use from Sacramento State University.

      amy drydenCo-Speaker Amy Dryden, Director, Policy and Technical Innovation, Build It Green

      Dryden has over 18 years of industry leadership experience developing policy, programs and standards, and has a working knowledge of all trades and phases of construction in new construction, multifamily units, and remodel projects, specializing in green and low-carbon building. She has been instrumental in the development of many of Build It Green’s programs, including the GreenPoint Rated Existing Home Single Family, Existing Home Multifamily, LA Multifamily Existing Building Pilot, PG&E Multifamily EUC, and Southern California Multifamily Existing Building programs, and also leads the organization’s multifamily net zero energy and net zero energy block projects. Dryden holds a Masters in City Planning and a Masters in Landscape Architecture/ Environmental Planning from UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design.

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