Call For Speakers

Build It Green seeks presenters for the Beyond Energy Efficiency Conference, to be held on May 18, 2017 in San Leandro, CA at the Net Zero Energy Center.

We’re looking for dynamic, interactive workshop presentations that provide residential builders, architects, developers and homeowners with proven practices applicable to residential buildings; we want to push the leading edge of our profession and motivate the pursuit of excellence. Each offering must present practical information that building professionals can apply directly to the work they do in the residential sector. Ideally, the workshops should be as interactive as possible with opportunities for audience participation.

The conference is structured for each workshop to be up to two hours in length, which should allow for greater participation by the audience and opportunities for group work. We are especially interested in offering workshops that go beyond the basics and provide experienced home builders and contractors with a more in-depth understanding on how to build or remodel the next generation of green and ZNE homes.

Topics covered

We will explore these topics at the Beyond Energy Efficiency Conference:

  • Zero Net Energy (ZNE) homes
  • Connected/smart home technology
  • Health and indoor air quality
  • Advanced water conservation
  • California code updates
  • New professional certifications
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14600 Catalina Street
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