Some of the industry’s leading technical and policy experts will share their knowledge at the Beyond Energy Efficiency Conference.

daniel hamilton
Sustainability Manager, City of Oakland
    barry hooper
    Green Built Environment Sr. Coordinator, San Francisco Department of the Environment
      amy dryden
      Director, Policy and Technical Innovation, Build It Green
        katy hollbacher
        Principal & Founder,
        Beyond Efficiency
          jennifer love
          Sustainability Engineer,
          Beyond Efficiency
            dan johnson
            Sustainability Architect,
            Beyond Efficiency
              steve buttitta
              Owner, NorCal Green Building Consulting
                terry nordbye
                Owner, Air Sealing Solutions
                  graham irwin
                  AIA, Principal, Essential Habitat Architecture
                    spencer dobrovolny
                    Licensed General (B) Contractor
                      tom phillips
                      Principal, Healthy Building Research
                        cyndy comerford
                        Manager of Policy and Planning, San Francisco Department of Public Health
                          marco arnesano
                          Researcher, Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy)
                            alex stadtner
                            President & Founder, Healthy Building Science, Inc.
                              bill hayward
                              Founder, Hayward Score; CEO/CSO, Hayward Lumber; CIO, H3
                                gary klein
                                President, Gary Klein & Associates, Inc.
                                  jim lutz
                                  Hot Water Research
                                    michael mccutcheon
                                    Owner, McCutcheon Construction, Inc. and Construction Consultant
                                      larry strain
                                      FAIA, LEED AP Siegel & Strain Architects
                                        pierre delforge
                                        Director of High Tech Sector Efficiency, Natural Resources Defense Council
                                          nick dirr
                                          Director of Technical Services, Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.
                                            andy macnamara
                                            Vice President, Western Region, Bright Power
                                              stephen gribble
                                              Energy Analyst, Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.Gribble specializes in energy analysis and modeling of multifamily buildings, developing energy efficiency retrofit specifications, diagnosing building performance issues, and working with multiple parties to manage successful building performance retrofits. He has extensive experience working with building owners, engineers, contractors, and operators to improve building performance. Gribble holds a BA in Communications, Managerial Economics, and Environmental Science and Policy from UC Davis.
                                                john neal
                                                Senior Project Manager, Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.
                                                  sean armstrong
                                                  Redwood Energy
                                                    jake tisinger
                                                    Senior Project Manager, Build It Green
                                                      andy wahl
                                                      Principal, AC Home Performance, Inc.
                                                        jeffery liang
                                                        Project Manager for the Distributed Energy Resources, Advisory Services, Center for Sustainable Energy
                                                          melina corona
                                                          Senior Project Manager, Program Delivery, Build It Green
                                                            ryan connally
                                                            Lead Faculty, Construction Technology Program, Cosumnes River College
                                                              peter troast
                                                              Founder & CEO, Energy Circle
                                                                aaron husak
                                                                Building Scientist/Attic Explorer, Lee’s Air
                                                                  rick chitwood
                                                                  BSME, Founder & Principal, Chitwood Energy Management
                                                                    ann edminster
                                                                    M.Arch., Instructor, Sustainable Building Advisor Program
                                                                      andrew mcallister
                                                                      Commissioner, California Energy Commission
                                                                        Executive Vice President, De Young Properties and President, De Young Mortgage
                                                                          bryan dove
                                                                          Director of Asset Management, Mutual Housing California
                                                                            john russell
                                                                            ounder & CEO, WaterSprout, Inc.
                                                                              danny tam
                                                                              Mechanical Engineer, California Energy Commission
                                                                                gina rodda
                                                                                Principal, Gabel Energy
                                                                                  leif magnuson
                                                                                  Expert Program Manager, Pacific Gas & Electric
                                                                                    mazi shirakh
                                                                                    Senior Engineer/Technical Lead for ZNE/Building Energy Efficiency Standards, California Energy Commission
                                                                                      Topics covered

                                                                                      We will explore these topics at the Beyond Energy Efficiency Conference:

                                                                                      • Policy & Code Updates
                                                                                      • High Performing Homes
                                                                                      • Healthy & Indoor Air Quality
                                                                                      • Design & Materials
                                                                                      • ZNE Electricification
                                                                                      • Utility Rebate Programs
                                                                                      • Marketing & Selling
                                                                                      • Advanced Water Conservation